A New Way To Manage Your Designs


Always Know What's Going On With Your Team Designs

Track Projects in the cloud instantly

Keep tabs on who’s uploading or nesting within your Blank Slate account to help you understand what designs exist for a project. You can integrate the event feed to a channel in your Slack so that events are instantly sent to the channel and all activity can be seen in real time. Simply click on the Groups section from inside the ‘Account’ drop down and follow the prompts to configure the channel you want.

Cloud-Based Designs + Events

Slack and Blank Slate have a few things in common: we’re both in the cloud, we’re both incredibly easy to use, and we’re both focused on improving the way teams communicate.

Design Asset Management

Blank Slate offers a simple way to track digital assets. Combined with Slack notifiers, your team has the confidence that the right assets are being stored in the right formats.