We have incorporated our sketch technology into our own design application. Our easy to use sketch tool provides a fast path for digital design. Your designs can be synced automatically on our cloud repository to enable users/teams to accelerate the creation process.

Sketch On A Tablet

Gestures drawn with your finger on a tablet are turned automatically into precision drawings. From there you can add greater specificity: exact measurements, scale, dimension.


Supports individual and team file management for your design files. Users can add themselves to teams quickly and easily. Users can be part of multiple teams / projects. Coordinate user and design file use across your maker space, fabrication or prototype lab.

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Turn Ideas into Objects

Go from idea to manufactured object using 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC routers. Convert between SVG, PDF, DXF and Blank Slate’s sketch format. Not all SVG files are made equally or well. We automatically correct files for structural problems. This results in hassle-free more compatible files for device use.

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Cloud Repository

Blank Slate provides an easy to use, extremely fast nesting product that uses industry standard CAD formats (SVG, PDF, DXF, AI, CDR) to help optimize your time and materials. A repository account for your designs is free.

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Sketch Design Software

Our rapid design application uses sketch recognition for a more intuitive creation process. It has a completely unique kind of interface that recognizes your freehand sketches. As your draw, the application turns these rough sketches into precise drawings for laser cutters, 3D printers and CNC routers. Your designs can also be saved to the cloud. There we help you solve for getting your designs fabricated, shared or converted into other file types.

iOS Sketch Design Tool

Go from "Thought to Thing" in a matter of minutes using our sketch recognition tool. An easy alternative to CAD, turning rough sketches into precision drawings ready for 3D printers, CNC and laser cutters.

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Fabrication Support

Our sketch design tool can be used in conjunction with our cloud repository to enable users/teams to accelerate the creation process. We make it easy to import CAD files, resize, nest, cloud storage, manage multiple designs, and we provide user/group management.

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2D Designs in 3D

Working in the 3D world is important, even if you’re starting from a 2D design. We allow you to quickly render 2D designs into 3D. Designs can be printed on 3D printers or converted into other file types.

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Rapid Prototyping

We aim to make it easy for anyone, from sellers on Etsy and Kickstarter to engineers at large industrial and manufacturing companies, to go from concept to product, from idea to manufactured creation.

Crazy simple, but it works!

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